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  The service is 100% free. It costs absolutely nothing, zero, zilch, zip.  

It is no secret that calls to 086 fax2email numbers costs R2.10c per minute. These are standard  Telkom fax to email rates .   As with any phone call, the caller (or fax sender) pays to make the call not the receiver and in this case it works the same. The free fax service from BizFax is a free service and you as the receiver will pay nothing to receive your faxes. The number can be called from TELKOM ONLY, NO INTERNATIONAL FAXES AND NO FAXES FROM CELLULAR NETWORKS

BizFax delivers this fantastic service at no cost to you by taking our income from the incoming call costs paid  per minute through the inter connection agreement we have with SA line providers such as Telkom.  Now you can save on expensive ink, paper, dedicated fax lines and fax machines.  We are using the most advanced corporate faxing servers which deliver a professional fax service to the whole of the SA. Setting up similar services within your organization can cost tens of thousands with expensive  technical staff required for support. BizFax is not only free but signup is instant.

Get your free BizFax number today and receive personal faxes reliably, wherever you are! No matter how busy you are, your fax line will never be engaged, allowing you to receive multiple faxes simultaneously.

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It costs nothing to receive faxes. The sender will pay Telkom fax 2 email rates.
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Bizfax is a free product which generates passive income. Start your own fax to email service or promote BizFax via your website.
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