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Note: Email to Fax is not a free service and you need to register for a Fax-Out account to send a fax.






1. Trouble Receiving Faxes                                                                                                  Back to top

  • I use a webmail account like Gmail, Yahoo of Hotmail and am not receiving faxes. Why? 

    Many webmail accounts move fax delivery emails into your Junk Mail, Trash Mail or Spam folders.  Look out for these folders on your right menu and you will most probably find your faxes there.  To prevent this from happing  please add the following two email addresses to your contact list:  and  By doing this you are telling your webmail provider that you recognize these emails and that it no longer needs to be moved to the junk mail folder.


  • General:  I am not receiving faxes? 

    • Make sure that the person who sent you the fax used the right number or make sure that they do not have any restrictions to which numbers they can send to. 

    • Many antivirus software and company policies move unknown emails such as fax delivery emails into your Junk Mail, Trash Mail or Spam folders or simply blocks them.  Look out for these folders on your right menu and you will most probably find your faxes there.  To prevent this from happing  please add the following two email addresses to your contact list:  and  By doing this you are telling your antivirus program that you recognize these emails and that it no longer needs to be moved to the junk mail folder. 

    • Spamming is also controlled by your internet service provider like ABSA,  MWEB, IBURST, POLKA etc or your company mail servers. If you can not resolve the problem phone your service provider technical support and find out from them if your faxes are being blocked as Spam/trash emails. As them to white list the following domain names on the servers to allow you to receive your faxes:  and . Once you have solved this problem, it should work permanently.  


  • How do I receive faxes? 

    When you sign up for BizFax you will receive a 086 number. When someone faxes you, you receive the fax in your email inbox as a file attachment. Just double click the file to read it. You will be able to check your faxes anywhere you can check your email. 


  • Senders get a fax tone and then a "Communications Error" when they try and send to my fax number ? 

    All fax machines are simply not created equal. Some fax modems will constantly struggle (fax modems don't make good fax machines). There could be line quality problem, a communication's speed problem or a communications method problem. Try a different fax machine, set the fax machine on redial, it might get a successful result on retry. If possible adjust the fax machine to send at speeds lower than 9600bps, set ECM (error correction mode) off and have it send at normal quality, instead of fine quality.


  • Someone informed me that they've sent me a FAX, but I haven't received it in my email ? 

    It takes at least 3 minutes from receiving the fax to where its emailed to your email address, so be patient. If after 10 minutes it's still not in your email, verify that we've actually received the fax, by reviewing the BizFax report. If the fax was received check that it was sent to the correct email address. If the email address is incorrect change it under My Account and BizFax Options. If the fax is listed then it wasn't sent to your number.

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  • Each time I dial my allocated number I get a message that says the number does not exist? 

    The 0866 numbers can only be dialled from a Telkom line. If you try and dial it from a cellular phone then some of the cellular networks will report such a message or give an engaged tone. Some company PBX systems will also block access to these numbers, as they would calls to cellular networks. The caller is dialling the number from a corporate PBX that blocks calls to premium rated numbers. The PBX is demanding the password, not our platform. The caller would have to be in possession of the password or call the number from an unprotected line.



  • I am unable to view my FAX attachment what should I do? 

    Go to My Account and change your TIFF file format to PDF file format to view your fax attachment. If you do not have a PDF reader you can download Acrobat Reader from the link which was sent in your welcome email. 





2. Set-up or Activate Service                                                                                                  Back to top

  • How do I get a BizFax number?

Go to the BizFax homepage and fill in your details in the 'Get BizFax Free'


  • How do I receive faxes on my mobile device/cell phone?

    Setting up your phone to receive faxes is relatively easy. The service is mainly intended for smart phones however most of the latest phones can use this service. The two main requirements of your mobile device is 

    1. your phone must be able to receive emails (even though you think your phone can't most phones can lately)

    2. your phone must be able to read PDF or TIFF files (please consult your phone manual, service provider or phone manufacturer)


    For a detailed set-up procedure please log in to your account and click on "How to receive faxes on your mobile device?"

Make sure your phone is set-up to read incoming and outgoing emails. If you are uncertain how to do this, phone your service provider to set up your email account. Nokia usually uses PDF file formats and Windows media phones use TIFF file formats. You will find this information in your phone manual, if you know what file format your phone uses, go to My Account and select the correct file format. 






3. How does it work?                                                                                                              Back to top


  • Do I get a real fax number? 

    Yes. To the person faxing you it looks and acts like any other fax number. When someone faxes to your number, the fax is converted to a file that is emailed to you as an attachment.


  • What if I already have a fax number? 

    If you already have a fax number and want to keep it, there is no problem. Just contact your phone company and call-forward the number to your new BizFax number. Or you could give out your BizFax number and stop paying the high cost of an extra fax line.


  • Can I save my faxes? 

    Of course. Save a fax just like you would any email attachment and they'll only be a click away.






4. Cost                                                                                                                                    Back to top

  • What does it cost to call my BizFax number?
    You as the receiver will pay nothing to receive your faxes and the fax number is free. However the fax sender will pay the Telkom rate of R2.10 (incl. VAT) per minute for phoning the 086 number. The number can be called from TELKOM ONLY, NO INTERNATIONAL FAXES AND NO FAXES FROM CELLULAR NETWORKS.





5. Changing my Details/Preferences                                                                                     Back to top


  • How do I change my email address on my BizFax account?
    Go to My Account and click on Change Email address on the right hand side.


  • How can I add a new number to my account? 

    Go to My Account and click on Update Profile and follow the easy steps. 


  • Where is my BizFax free number located? 

    Go to My Account and you will see your fax number on the left hand side.    


  • How can I obtain my login information (BizFax number/PIN)? 

    You will receive a welcome email with all your Login/PIN details or click on Login and follow the easy steps.


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6. Email to Fax (Fax-Out)                                                                                                      Back to top


  • How do I send a Fax?   

Email to Fax (Fax-Out)

  How to send a fax using Outlook (email)

  1. Open up Outlook/Outlook Express
  2. Create a new email

  1. In the “To” field enter the following address:

·         Note the following:

·         The faxnumber must have the area code and fax number as one with no gaps. For example:





  1. In the “Subject” field enter “Cover Sheet” notes
  2. In the “Body” of the email enter information that will be faxed as a separate page – please note that any signature will be faxed as a separate page!
  3. Attach files as normal with the following format:
    • PDF
    • Word
    • Excel (please be aware that the “print” area needs to be defined otherwise our server will fax a lot of empty pages etc.)
  4. Send Email – please note that you need a ProFax Fax-Out account in order to send a fax!













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